HI-SO's Rooftop Sunday Sessions

By Grace Noles
HI-SO Rooftop

Sundays can be a little boring. Everyone wants to stay in bed while the Monday Blues begin to kick in. But, HI-SO wants to change that – Introducing their Sunday Sessions. Join the friendly team at the SO/Auckland from 4 pm, 16 floors up with a panoramic view of the harbour to unwind on your Sunday afternoon.

The HI-SO Rooftop is your ideal spot to watch the sunset over the weekend and have one last get together before heading back into Monday morning. There’s food and drink specials from the HI-SO bar all afternoon and evening so you can try some of their iconic cocktails and gourmet bar snacks. This Sunday 22nd Hamish and Rangi will be live on the decks, with special guest Matt K popping in for a special performance. There’s no real better place to be than on their famous rooftop deck overlooking the water, getting down to some live jams. With free entry, there’s really no excuse. Just leave any bad vibes at the door, and make the most of your Sundays.

(Photo source: SO/ Auckland)

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