How To Get Your Wine Pour Perfect Every Time

By Grace Noles
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It's no secret Kiwis love a wine or two after a hard day. Especially in the peak of summer, when a chilled white is the perfect transition from beach to an evening charcuterie platter. But, while you may assume throwing your Chardonnay in the fridge to chill for a few hours is the key to a perfect glass, you'll be surprised to know it's a little bit trickier than that.

There's no fun in wasting a bottle of your favourite vino when you can easily learn to optimise to its highest potential. Family-owned winery, Taylors Wines is here to lend you a helping hand in acing wine night at your place!

Keeping reds slightly chilled and whites slightly warmer than usual

Contrary to popular belief, the award-winning winery believe Kiwis should be chilling their reds and slightly warming their whites. Confused? Stay with us!

They say it's a common misconception that reds should always stay on the shelf while whites should be served fridge-cold, but switching up the temperatures a little bit can greatly impact each variety of wine to bring out their intended characteristics, flavours, and aromas.

Enjoy a glass of wine at the perfect temperature

Leaving a white in the fridge for too long can mask its aromas, making it more acidic than intended. While popping your red into the fridge 30 minutes before serving can wake up the wine, especially after roasting in the hot summer sun.

Taylors Wines' thermo-chromatic ink label

Which leads us to the introduction of Taylors Wines' Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensors, situated on the back of Taylors Wines' Promised Land and Estate labels. Measuring the wine's temperature through thermo-chromatic ink technology, the label can accurately determine exactly when your bottle is ready to serve, turning a different colour, and taking the guesswork out of pouring a glass at home.

Your new summer hack is available online now!

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