How To Make The Most Incredible Espresso Martinis At Home

By Grace Noles
batched's espresso martinis

As much as we absolutely love ordering rounds of Espresso Martinis, there's a time and place for the complex cocktail – and that's not usually at home. However, we've discovered a foolproof way to take the tricky delicious drink out of the too-hard basket when it comes to at-home Happy Hours.

Batched creates premium quality cocktail mixes, ready to simply shake and pour to create a drink of merit. Operating in New Zealand and using the finest organic ingredients, the mixologists wanted to not only create an easy way to recreate your favourite drinks at home but use ingredients that reflect treating yourself to the finer things in life.

The Batched Espresso Martini comes in a 750ml bottle, with six servings and no additional ingredients needed, meaning you're getting an Espresso Martini for $7.49 which happily beats the usual $20 price tag. Cold-brewed with fair trade coffee beans, the caffeine hit in these martinis is next level while also being smooth, rich, and infused with sweet chocolate notes.

The poison of choice? A smooth vodka spikes the cold brew, taking up 37% of the bottle and delivering the perfect boozy hit you're after.

Batched's Premium Espresso Martini

All you need to create top-notch Espresso Martinis at home with Batched is a shaker of some kind, a handful of ice, and the Batched mixture. Pour your desired amount into any kind of mixer and shake with a few ice cubes before pouring it into your martini glass or coffee cup of choice. Frothy and smooth as silk, your new favourite Espresso Martini spot will be right in the comfort of your own home.

Taking all the guesswork out of putting together a cocktail recipe at home and purchasing several different ingredients for a small dose of each, this is the key to an indulgent highbrow cocktail night at home.

You can get your hands on Batched's Espresso Martini mixes at all good liquor stores or online at Premium Liquor: RRP$43.99, with shaker kits and luxurious martini glasses available too. PS. Keep an eye out for an exciting new flavour on the way!

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