McDonalds Is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce

By Grace Noles
Szechuan Sauce from McDonalds

Made famous by Disney's Mulan, and more recently, Rick and Morty, Szechuan Sauce is worth its weight in gold. Making its first appearance at the Golden Arches as a promotion for the 1998 animated flick, Mulan, it was only available for a brief time but, managed to capture hearts around the world. Incorporating the traditional Chinese Szechuan Sauce flavouring, McDonald's Szechuan Sauce gives off tastes of teriyaki, sesame, and soy sauce, with a sweet and sour balance.

Making a brief comeback almost 20 years after its initial release, Macca's reintroduced Szechuan Sauce in stores in 2017 and 2018 after the Adult Swim television show Rick & Morty mentioned the sauce in an episode, with the main character Rick, dreaming of experiencing Szechuan Sauce one last time. Which brings us to this week...

Adult Swim's Rick & Morty created pandemonium with the re-release of Szechuan Sauce

As an unexpected turn of events, McDonald's NZ announced a limited number of Szechuan McNugget Dipping Sauces would be released on Wednesday, March 4th, with only 200,000 units available. To go with the sauce, McDonald's has also released an exclusive 50 piece share box of McNuggets to enjoy the sauce with.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your local Maccas to get your hands on one of the rarest sauces in the world!

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