Meat Your Match At Eight

By Grace Noles
meat on the grill at eight restaurant

Step outside your comfort zone this March, with a visit to Eight by Cordis. For this month only, Eight is hosting a variety of gourmet tender meat cuts at their New York Grill station – All inclusive in your dining fee.

Stepping things up, March is all about the grill. There's plenty of luxurious favourites such as venison and premium Wagyu cuts, as well as some more adventurous options including ostrich, alpaca, and kangaroo.

Take your pick from Eight's extensive selection

Dining out is all about trying something new! So, take your pick and let the chefs work their magic, serving it up grilled, chargrilled, or braised just to your liking. While some meats may sound a little too adventurous, rest assured the chefs at Eight know exactly how to cook each cut to mouth-watering perfection, guaranteed to leave you craving more.

Kangaroo, ostrich, and alpaca are all on the menu this month

Team your meat up with any of Eight's fantastic side dishes from roast vegetables to fresh seafood to their interactive salad bar, and you've got a dish you won't forget any time soon.

Pair your meat up with some gourmet side dishes

If meat isn't really your thing or you're after a halal option, Eight has you covered with their multitudes of vegetarian options and halal meats to choose from. Just ask one of their friendly chefs!

Bookings are essential for your chance to dine adventurously this month, with one gourmet meat available every lunchtime and the full line-up option for dinner (including the prime Wagyu)!

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