Tackle A Plate Of 100 Chicken Wings At This Newmarket Eatery

By Grace Noles
The Bavarian australia wings

Consider yourself a bit of a wing connoisseur? Always opting for a plate no matter the restaurant? We may have just found your holy grail.

Sitting on Level 4 of the brand new Newmarket Westfield on Broadway is The Bavarian – a fast-casual restaurant delivering the best flavours of Bavaria. While they serve up some of the best looking meats and beers we've seen in a while, we're here to talk about their wings. In particular, their portions of wings.

Boasting a range of wing forms and dipping sauces, The Bavarian offer up their succulent fried wings in plates of up to 100 wings. For just $99, you're getting wings at less than a dollar per piece, with a goal set out to finish the plate clean – no meat left on the bone, thank you.

Step one is to take your pick from boneless, classic chicken, or cauliflower wings, before delving into the abundance of sauce choices.

Enjoy them plain with Texas BBQ or keep it mild with Buffalo sauce or The Bavarian's Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. For a medium kick, opt for a Chipotle sauce, otherwise, go the whole hog and order them Jack Daniel's Hot to hit the top of the spice scale. Just don't forget, you've got 100 of these to work your way through. You can add additional sauces if you're looking for a variety to keep it interesting.

The Bavarian's Chicken Wings

Served with a side of veggie sticks and a blue-cheese sauce to revert to in times of need, not only are the portions something to tackle, but they're also bloody good wings.

If 100 wings is sounding slightly too much, The Bavarian also offer a 10 piece, 20 piece, and 50 piece for the table to work themselves up.

So, gather up your wing-eating mates, and tackle the 100-piece wing challenge. You can book your table here!

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