The Auckland Bar That Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

By Kate Coulter-Smith
Caretaker bartender

Let us take you back to the Golden Age of cocktails circa 1920 where bartenders first began experimenting with mixed drinks. At the heart of Britomart, underneath the hustle and bustle of Auckland city lies Caretaker, a New York Style cocktail bar where the lighting is low and the drinks are strong. Leave your flavourless vodka tonics and your bland rum and cokes behind. Cosy into their plush leather couches and let these talented bartenders make you a drink you that you didn’t even realise you wanted. At Caretaker there is no menu to choose from but you simply answer the questions proposed by your host. What is your spirit of choice? Tall and refreshing or short and boozy? Sweet, sour, spicy or creamy? And from your answers, watch as the bartender creates a drink that is fashioned exclusively for you and your tastes. Everything is fresh from the sweet blackberry juice to the orange zest even the size and shape of the shards of ice are a consideration. For these meticulous mixologists, no detail is overlooked. If you are lucky enough to become a regular at this premium bar then Caretaker gifts to you a black book with your name inscribed on its binding. This book serves as your personal cocktail bible. This means every time your bartender creates a cocktail for you, each ingredient is carefully written down so you never have to drink the same mix twice.

Don’t take our word for it, visit the Britomart hangout for yourself. Relieve yourself from mediocrity, leave your inhibitions at the door and let Caretaker take care of you.

(Photo Source: Caretaker)

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