The Collective Round-Up Of Arnott's Biscuits Lockdown Recipes

By Grace Noles
cheesecake with biscuit base on a plate with cream

Between Shapes, Scotch Fingers, and Tim Tam's, Arnott's is a household name and a pantry staple. Over the past century, Arnott's has been one of Australia's and New Zealand's biggest suppliers of snacks and biscuits, which we've loved ever since childhood.

So, when lockdown began – Arnott's was ready to comfort us, yet again, with home recipes for some of their best and most unique recipes. Opening "The Vault", they shared some of the most beloved biscuit flavours from Scotch Fingers to Monte Carlos in their Big Recipe Release.

Although we'll never perfect a packet of biscuits in the same way Arnott's does, we love giving it a go. Here are all the Arnott's Vault treats and where to get the recipes!

Salted Almond Tim Tam Brownies

Cook Time: 1 hour
Arnott's Salted Almond Tim Tam Brownie

Combining a magnitude of our favourite treats (dark chocolate, brownies, Tim Tams) Arnott's has whipped up an experimental batch of brownies that may capture our hearts as the brownie recipe. Previously, Tim Tams have been used monumentally for the Tim Tam Slam, but we're prepared to give them a chance to become our next never-fail brownie ingredient. Taking a mere 15 minutes to prepare, you'll be able to dig in in less than an hour. Coming out chunky and filled to the brim with bits and pieces, you'll be snacking on small bites for days to come. Click here for the recipe!

The Monte Carlo

Cook Time: 25 minutes
Arnott's Monte Carlo

One of the easiest picks of the bunch when it comes to Arnott's biscuits, Monte Carlos reign supreme – there is a reason Arnott's released this as their first recipe. Surprisingly simple, the golden syrup-coconut biscuit is a short and sweet recipe, taking only 25 minutes to prepare and cook, a quick price to pay for the cream and jam filled biscuits you soon end up with on your kitchen bench. For the Monte Carlo recipe, click here!

The Scotch Finger

Cook Time: 35 minutes
Arnott's Scotch Finger

While some may scoff at a Scotch Finger, they're one of the most important and under-appreciated biscuits of the bunch. As well as being a crowd-pleaser and such a versatile biscuit, this recipe is beyond easy – only using four ingredients! Whip up a batch in less than an hour, with ingredients you'll find sitting in your pantry on any given day. Try your hand at imprinting a design on top for a real authentic touch. You'll find the Arnott's Scotch Finger recipe here!

Arnott's Classic Nice Cheesecake

Cook Time: 100 minutes
Arnott's Classic Nice Cheesecake

Everyone boasts they have the best cheesecake recipe, but Arnott's may just take the... cake. Using their deliciously sugar-coated Nice biscuits, the base sets the tone for the rest of the creamy creation. Including a dash of vanilla extract, the remainder of the recipe only calls for four more ingredients to top it off. After a bout in the oven, pop it into the fridge to cool, serve with berries and cream and you're away laughing. You can check out their Classic Nice Cheesecake recipe here!

The Iced Vovo

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Last, but not least, Arnott's has shared their secret recipe for the Iced Vovo. Possibly a niche choice in amongst the biscuit aisle, but never disappointing. The Iced Vovo brings biscuit, raspberry jam, and coconut all together in a bite-sized treat. Possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing treat, Iced Vovo's are the recipe you'll be documenting for the 'gram or gift-wrapping as a homemade gift. For the full recipe, click here!

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