The Conservatory Reveals Their Faultless Frozen Marg Recipe

By The Dish Cult Team
bartender toasting orange peel for a margarita

While not quite yet open for takeaways in Level 3, The Conservatory is excitedly planning their return to open-doors very, very shortly. In the meantime, they know just how much we're missing sipping on Conservatory cocktails in the sunny North Wharf spot – which is why they've generously gifted us with their faultless, easy Frozen Margarita recipe for you to whip up at home. Take it away, Conservatory..

So, you’re back to work and you’ve had your fill of that much-needed takeaway coffee from your local morning joint. A good start for sure, but if you’re anything like us then there’s an empty void that still hasn’t been filled…

You can grab a takeaway burger or a green smoothie during your daily outing. A growler of beer or a fresh bottle of booch. But, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as stopping along Auckland’s waterfront and sipping on a classic Conservatory margy in the late summer sun. 

You  can use a blender or a Nutribullet, just follow these simple steps!


1 cup ice

30ml sugar syrup (recipe below)

30ml lime juice (we used lemon this time as we couldn’t justify a non-essential supermarket trip!)

30ml tequila

30ml Grand Marnier (you could also sub Cointreau if that’s what you’ve got to hand)


Fresh lemon/lime for garnish


1. Make yourself a simple sugar syrup using 1 part sugar and 1 part hot water, you can make as much or as little as you like, just make sure you keep the ratio 1:1 (boy are we glad the baking aisles are stocked up again)!

2. Pick out your favourite cocktail glass and dip the rim in lime (or lemon) juice and salt.

3. Add all the ingredients to your nutribullet or blender.

4. Blend for 30 sec.

5. Pour into your salted glass and garnish with a wheel of lime (or lemon).

6. Pull up your favourite pic of The Conservatory’s waterfront beauty.

7. Serve, sip and enjoy the view!

The Conservatory's Signature Frozen Margarita

Optional extra – if you like it spicy, add a pinch of chilli flakes to the blender and garnish with a slice of jalapeño or fresh chilli.

Keep an eye on The Conservatory's Facebook, Instagram, & website for updates on what they’re doing during Level 3 and when they'll be open for business again.

As always, it’s about living!

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