The Creme Egg Cocktail Of Your Dreams 

By Grace Noles
chocolate cocktail in martini glass

You can't have Easter without Cadbury Creme Eggs – There's simply nothing similar.

Here is our decadently delicious recipe for a Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktail! We won't tell if you sneak an egg or two in the process.

Creme Egg Cocktail

Cadbury Creme Eggs are a quintessential part of Easter

What you'll need:

100 grams milk chocolate, melted

1 part Baileys Irish Cream

1 part vanilla-infused vodka (or plain vodka)

1 part chocolate liqueur

1 part fresh cream

1 Cadbury Creme Egg, cut into chunks

Getting Started:

  1. Place your melted chocolate in a shallow bowl and dip the rim of your cocktail glass in the chocolate. Place in the fridge to chill.
  2. In a shaker, combine your Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka, chocolate liqueur, and fresh cream. Shake until well combined.
  3. Pour your mixture into your cocktail glass and carefully top with Cadbury Creme Egg chunks. Enjoy!

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