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The Netherlands' Favourite Chocolate Brand Is Coming To NZ

By Grace Noles
tony's chocolonely chocolate bar is coming to new zealand

While we have an abundance of beloved chocolate brands in New Zealand, it never hurts to have more chocolate – especially when it comes with supporting a great cause like ending child slavery.

The Netherlands' favourite and largest chocolate bar brand, Tony's Chocolonely, has decided to bring their humanitarian chocolate bars to the shores of little old NZ, to not only deliver us delicious chocolate but allow us to aid in their mission to put a stop to the issues of slavery and child slavery, particularly on cocoa farms where a lot of big brand chocolates are manufactured.

Tony's Chocolonely is a 100% slave-free operation, aiming to not only produce slave-free chocolate but make it a normalised practice across the entire chocolate industry.

Tony's Chocolonely's Sea Salt Caramel bar

Founded in 2005 in the Netherland's, Tony's Chocolonely has dedicated the past 15 years to finding and working with cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast, paying them a higher price and working collaboratively to eradicate modern slavery and illegal child labour.

To add on top of the great work Tony's is doing, they've also been announced as the Netherland's favourite chocolate bar. Available in six different flavours, each block is creamy and sweet with the chocolate flavours you know and love, just without the guilt of supporting unfair labour.

Tony's bars are divided unequally to represent the inequality in the industry

With such a fantastic cause behind the retro chocolate wrappers, we're rapt to hear Tony's Chocolonely is making its way to New Zealand supermarket shelves this September.

Focusing on the little details, Tony's Chocolonely have woven meaning into each bar with the chunky, uneven breakup of the chocolate reflecting the social inequality of the industry.

We'll be getting their Milk Chocolate 32%, Extra Dark Chocolate 70% (dairy-free), Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt 32%, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt 51% (dairy-free), Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 32%, and White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy 28% on shelves later this week! You'll be able to pick up a bar (or all six) from any good New World supermarket, Farro Fresh, and online here!

Tony's Chocolonely's New Zealand range

Tony's has made such an impact across the globe, they've even had Idris Elba onboard to raise awareness on the issues they're fighting for. Vote with your dollar and put it towards a great cause with a side of delicious chocolate.

To read more about Tony's Chocolonely's story, we recommend checking out their website here, and giving this article by The Independent a read!

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