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The New Drinks Everyone Is Going Crazy For

By Grace Noles
Pals RTD cans on ice

Pals. We love em and we need em. Both in metaphorical sense and physical sense.

The carousel of RTD drinks that enter the liquor store is abundant at this time of year. Each more sugary and caffeine-filled than the last. But, this year, the team at Master of Ceremonies Ltd. (who brought us a very tasty wine range) want you to take note of what you're digesting this summer, and they’ve created their new line of Pals.

You may have seen them creeping onto your Instagram stories or filling up your Facebook timeline, but these brightly beautiful little cans are a tasty treat. Known as “The Better For You RTDs” Pals are low sugar from using Hawke’s Bay apple juice, all-natural when it comes to flavour, no artificial colours, sweeteners, or preservatives, low carb, and gluten-free. Unlike most RTDs, Pals contain clean high-quality spirits, giving them a smooth taste without the alcohol-shudder of a bad tasting can. The cans have special thermochromic ink that turns the word “COLD” on the cans blue, to let you know when your drink is perfectly chilled and ready to drink. As well as the cans being 100% recyclable.

Let’s talk through the four flavours.

Green = Vodka, Hawke’s Bay apple juice, lime, and soda 5% alcohol

Pink = Vodka, natural watermelon, mint, and soda 5% alcohol

Yellow = Gin, Hawke’s Bay lemon, cucumber, and soda 5% alcohol

Blue = American whiskey, Hawke’s Bay apple juice, and soda 5.8% alcohol

Make smart choices this summer when it comes to drinking, and keep your body happy! While available in most good alcohol stores, you can find the full list of stockists here.

(Photo source: Pals)

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