Taco Bell Has Arrived, Here's What To Expect

By Alexa Crowe
Taco Bell on a table

The legendary American franchise Taco Bell has blessed West Auckland with affordable Mexican cuisine! And, we’ve got all the details.

The long-awaited fast-food chain sits in the Brickworks food lane at LynnMall, with plenty of parking and things to do both before and after your visit. While we haven’t gotten lucky with a drive-thru just yet, Taco Bell is open till 10 pm 7 days a week, perfect for those late-night munchies. 

The kitchen is open-plan, meaning you can see all your food being made fresh. Which brings us to the best part – The short and simple menu is full of cult-favourites from the USA, including the Crunchwrap Supreme (a cross between a classic burrito and a toasted sandwich), the Double Taco Supreme (two tacos in one, yes please!), the Double Crispy Chicken Taco (for an extra bit of crunch in each bite), as well as the ever favourable jumbo Cali Burrito. All available to order on their self-serve kiosks!

For those on a health kick but still wanting to get in on the Tex Mex goodness, Taco Bell serves Burrito Bowls. Favourites include the Cali Burrito bowl and the Power bowl, for a cheaper lunchtime salad option. The menu also includes lighter options such as the Single Chicken Quesadilla and Cheesy Gordita Crunch taco, for when you’re in a snackier mood. For a sweet treat, add on some Cinnamon Twists, just trust us!

Don’t think we forgot about drinks. While Taco Bell has yet to bring their infamous Baja Blast from the states, there’s still plenty of options from the usual Coke range, Kombucha, and Schweppes. If you’re looking for something a little stronger, team your tacos up with a beer (Heineken, Corona, DB Export), or go real authentic Tex-Mex with a frozen marg (or two)!

We won’t lie, don’t expect the queues to die out any time soon. Although the new hot spot opened more than a week ago, people are heading out West in droves to experience the new and highly anticipated eatery. However, it’s all worth it once you’ve battled the crowds, with Taco Bell’s atmosphere instantly making you forget about the long wait. The restaurant includes free-wifi, USB charging stations, and a self-serving music kiosk allowing customers to set the tone and create personalised music playlists for their own enjoyment. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it! 

(Image Source: Taco Bell New Zealand)

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