Travel To France Flight-Free With Euro’s New Winter Menu

By Shae Parsons
euro's winter menu

Hospo titan Euro throws their hat (or perhaps a beret?) into the culinary winter Olympics, with a haute menu designed to impress. Dish Cult takes you through their latest seasonal offering — what to expect, and what’s unexpected.

Paying homage to their beginnings, Euro’s winter menu puts sophisticated fine dining at the forefront. Paired with award-winning decor from Alistair Guthrie, the entire dining experience oozes opulence.

If you’re a seafood fanatic, you’re in luck. Expect to see bouillabaisse with line-caught fish, mussels, clams, local octopus and saffron rouille. Indulge in some steak frites with wagyu baguette, pommel pail, béarnaise and bone marrow jus. Béarnaise and jus? How luxurious!

You’ll also see French classics such as tartiflette, accompanied by hassleback potatoes, bacon, raclette cheese and truffle. It doesn’t stop there — try the bean cassoulet with local octopus, fresh andouille and soft white house rolls.

Whipped 'haricot blanc' beans with preserved lemon and caper butter.

Euro brings a blend of the old and the new — using a fresh new menu rooted in tradition and history. Even the decor is a nod to the eatery’s opening year, with photographs from 1999 adorning the walls. 

In a dining sphere dominated by fusion offerings, it’s almost exciting to see a classic menu. Executive chef Gareth Stewart is excited to share his background in French cuisine.

Executive Chef Gareth Stewart of Euro

“Spending time in French-inspired kitchens allowed me to truly master their techniques and philosophy, which for some time I truly believed was the only way.”

“Euro’s winter menu brings all of this together, combining rich comforting flavours with a Kiwi twist and a story to tell through every dish. French cuisine speaks to passion and expression – something I’ve always admired – and I want to pass that onto guests.”

Bouillabaisse with line caught fish ‘on the bone’, mussels, clams, local octopus, and saffron rouille.

As discerning Auckland diners, you’re well attuned to restaurants offering much more than food. Expect nothing but class with Euro’s refurbished visual accompaniments. Taranaki-born photographer Alistair Guthrie’s work provides a gorgeous backdrop, documenting his French travels nearing the new millennium.

“The images evoke a poetic, fragmentary sense of the country and my passage through it back at the turn of the millennium,” says Guthrie. “I spent six months there with my wife Astrud, who has a family connection to the region, and our 18-month-old daughter Augustine.”

“Parisians have cultivated an almost mythic quality to the city – the capital of love, cuisine, wine, fashion and culture. These photographs bring back a fond remembrance for the intimate moments in which they originated.”

Euro's Winter Menu is available now.

Guthrie notes that the attention to experiential dining helps customers enjoy a slice of overseas from the comfort of Auckland. 

“In 2021, at a time where we are unable to travel as freely as before, this suite of images connects us across vast distances of time and space: between life in Aotearoa and in France, between the private and public, between capture and release.”

Euro's 2021 Winter Menu is available now. Reserve your table here.

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