Upgrade Your Frappe With Magnum

By Grace Noles
Iced frappe with Magnum

It’s officially hot as hell in Auckland, and that means it’s time to get creative about cooling down. While you may opt for a $35 paddling pool from The Warehouse, we’ve got something a little more delicious that may pique your interest.

If there are two must-haves in this heat, it’s an iced coffee and a good old' helping of ice cream. So, what if we were to tell you, you can now upgrade your usual iced frappe with Magnum this summer at The Coffee Club? Order any of the Coffee Club’s fine range of frappes, blended with milk or ice, in chocolate, caramel latte, caramel banana, chai, pineapple coconut & lime, mixed berry, mango, latte, or mocha–And then make it epic. Add an almond or classic vanilla Magnum to your drink for the ultimate cool-down sweet treat. Served upside down in full freak-shake style, it’s a race to get an Instagram photo before the sun gets to it first. Adding a refreshingly good twist to your usual iced order, the Magnum Frappe is gift from the gods. This may just be the collaboration of the summer, and a great excuse to turn a coffee date into an ice cream date. Available until the end of January 2020, and available at all Coffee Clubs across the country now!

Available now at The Coffee Club NZ
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