We Know Where To Get DIY S'mores

By Grace Noles
Graham crackers, homemade marshmallow, and chocolate ganache goodness!

Graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and a melting chunk of chocolate are a trio of simplicity at its best. The humble S’more may be an American creation, but that doesn’t mean Kiwis should miss out.

Gathering around the campfire and creating your own s’more is all part of the fun. So, what if we told you there’s somewhere to cut out the hard work and get straight to making your melting creation in the heart of Mount Eden?

Introducing The Garden Shed, one of Mount Eden Village's most ambient and aesthetically pleasing spots. Sitting opposite its sister-restaurant, Circus Circus, The Garden Shed is a tucked-away bistro full of magical quirks and it’s very own flower garden and waterfall. Amongst their menu of fresh, comfort food, is their DIY S’more. A shining star on the menu and a sole-factor of many diner’s visit.

Simply ask for the “Shed DIY S’mores” and you’ll be greeted with a wooden board of made-in-house buttery graham crackers, chunky slabs of vanilla marshmallow, and a rich chocolate ganache to bind everything together. Additionally, you’ll receive a real pot-plant, with a lit-wick at the top to start toasting your marshmallows.

Step 1: Slather your graham crackers in chocolate ganache.

This is where your job comes in, you're left to your own devices and things are about to get toasty. The S’more experts at The Garden Shed suggest starting off with a thick layer of ganache one each graham cracker before a light toasting to crisp up the marshmallow.

Carefully assemble your s’more sandwich and enjoy your gooey dessert. Disclaimer: Things may get messy.

Step 2: Roast your marshmallow to the perfect degree – can you tell we like it well-done?

Book your s’more spot at The Garden Shed with instant confirmation here and get ready to get messy!

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