We've Discovered Chocolate Naan Bread

By Grace Noles
Beef curry and chocolate naan from Eight by Cordis

Sometimes the strangest sounding combinations, turn out to be one of the best. That's definitely the case at Eight by Cordis. With their eight different buffet-style interactive kitchens, it's presumed there'll be a few secret menu items you could possibly miss – And their chocolate naan bread falls right into that category.

Eight's Indian Tandoor Kitchen

Created at Eight's Indian Tandoor Kitchen, their naan is made fresh onsite daily. The fluffy, crispy naan bread is packed with melting chocolate oozing out the top, making for the perfect messy tear-apart. Head Chef Volker Marecek recommends pairing the sweet naan with the Indian Tandoor's beef curry, available daily, for a pleasant surprise flavour combination.

Chocolate Naan Bread from Eight

This is one you'll have to try before you knock it. Bookings are essential at Eight, so secure your table now to get your hands on a chocolate naan!

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