We've Found Your Next Fave Ice Cream Spot

By Grace Noles
Ice cream on display

Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream – While all the classics are lovely and hard to get wrong, sometimes you need to branch out and try something new. But, then, is it worth risking that $6 single scoop on a flavour you may not even like? Lucky for you, we’ve tried and tested it all, and we know all the best flavours to spend that dollar on, with a promise you won’t regret it.

We stumbled upon one of the best spots we’ve never seen before. And, boy, did we like it! Head down to Mission Bay, and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of ice cream stores. Go figure, since the beach is a beauty on a scorching day, with the Mission Bay fields making the perfect sunshine spot to hang out and eat some ice cream. Our current favourite stop is Gelato New Zealand. Tucked in quietly near the Starbucks and Burgerfuel, the small store is chilled as you step through the doors. The freezer is quite a sight for sore eyes, with colourful heapings of sorbets and ice creams. With interesting flavours from Black Vegan Hawaii to Crunchy Donut, it’s hard to choose. But, our favourite has to be the All Day Breakfast. Greek Yoghurt ice cream sweetened up with thick swirls of honey, raspberry sauce, and granola parts. With generous scoops and some of the most innovative flavours we’ve seen in a while, Gelato New Zealand is a winner for summer.

(Photo source: Gelato New Zealand)

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