Where To Get A Foot-Long Taco

By Grace Noles
beef tacos with coriander

Fancy yourself a big eater? Capable of tackling any XXL portion coming your way? We've found your next challenge hidden inside Elliott Stables.

Besos Latinos is full of authentic Latin American delights, fusing dishes from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba to create a unique menu – Including a super-sized version of a Latin American favourite.

Besos Latinos at Elliott Stables

Their Taste Of Mexico section of the menu features the Mexican Machete – A foot-long corn tortilla taco with your choice of chicken, beef, or a vegetable mix, and cheese, beans, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce to top it off. At 12 inches long, it's a challenge, but it's a delicious one. Get one for a steal at $16, leaving enough wiggle room to add on a side of guacamole, chips and salsa, or even some jalapeño poppers to add some spice!

Foot-long Mexican Machete Taco from Besos Latinos

If your fellow dinner guests aren't ready for anything too grand in size, they'll be happy to know Besos Latinos has plenty of lighter options on the smaller side of things, including salads, ceviche, ordinary-sized tacos, and many more traditional dishes!

Book your table at Besos Latinos to try their Mexican Machete here!

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