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Where To Get A Nutella Hard-shake

By Grace Noles
Nutella Hard-shakes

It’s rare to come across someone that doesn’t enjoy milkshakes. And, even rarer to come across someone that doesn’t enjoy Nutella. Combine them both and you’ve got a winner.

A certain American-styled diner in the Auckland CBD has taken the triumphant combo and added an extra kick, creating the Nutella Hard-shake. Al’s Deli on upper Queen Street have created a Nutella Irish Cream shake, mixing vanilla ice cream, Nutella, and a hefty-dash of Baileys. Dished up in a classic milkshake glass, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. Unlike most special creations similar to the Nutella Hardshake, this one is available all year round. Pair it with one of Al’s Best Ugly Bagels or cheeseburger and curly fries and you’ll be in seventh heaven. Branch out and try a peanut butter hard-shake with vanilla vodka, or a caramel bourbon shake if you’re feeling up for a challenge.

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