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Where To Try A Donut Burger In Auckland

By Grace Noles
Donut burger on table with fried chicken and fries

The sweet and salty trend has been around for a while now. Mixing Maltesers with buttery popcorn at the cinemas, or the oh-so-controversial question of does pineapple belong on pizzas has had consumers divided for quite some time. But now, the general consensus seems to be–Yes, sweet does, in fact, go well with salty. Look at the sweeping trend of salted caramel flavoured-anything and everything. So, no nasty comments are welcome when we reveal Auckland’s next biggest showstopper. Sneaky Snacky on Karangahape Road is an '80s themed eatery with one particular menu item flooding their Instagram feed.

Introducing the Donut Burger. A fluffy, fresh homemade glazed donut acting as a burger bun to some fantastic fillings. Sneaky Snacky’s sickly-sweet donuts are the perfect accompaniment to the salty interiors, balancing out the two ends of the spectrums to meet in the middle for some donut burger magic!

Source: Sneaky Snacky

There are three flavours to choose from, so everyone can enjoy. Firstly, the original glazed donut burger with a wagyu patty, kimchi fritter, cheddar cheese, and sriracha. Next, the hot chicken donut burger with a buttermilk fried chicken thigh in Nashville hot sauce, finished with mayo and cucumber.

And lastly, the vegetarian take on the donut burger with a miso grilled aubergine patty, salad, Thai dressing, and mint and coriander. To tackle your sweet and salty monster-creation, add on fries and a drink to keep you going. Sneaky Snacky also do hot chicken wings, and single glazed donuts if you’re only after the sweet OR salty.

Source: Sneaky Snacky

Aside from the insane burgers, Sneaky Snacky is a genuinely cool place to hang out with groups, small or large. The Korean eatery is tucked quietly away into Karangahape Road, striving for excellence when it comes to the food, rather than a flashy set-up.

From the food to the mascot to the iconic red trays, the whole vibe of Sneaky Snacky is an '80s wonderland. Open until 9pm almost every night, get in ASAP to get your next sweet and salty fix sorted.

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