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Will Marmite Hummus Be The New Kiwi Treat Of Summer?

By Grace Noles
lisa's marmite hummus

Every now and then a product will pop up that divides the nation. This is one of those products.

It seems as though hummus become an overnight sensation a few years back, and its trajectory hasn't slowed down just yet. The versatile snack of whizzed up chickpeas, olive oil, and seasoning can incorporate all sorts of flavours, like the classic garlic and lemon, pumpkin and kumara, and even chocolate?

But, the latest hummus flavour to hit New Zealand shelves this week may be the most outlandish so far. Kiwi brand Lisa's is famous for their vegetarian range of hummus and dips, made right here in Avondale, Auckland.

As a New Zealand brand through & through, it only seems fitting their latest hummus creation would be a Kiwi collaboration, just in time to kick-off summer.

Enter Marmite. Loved by Kiwis for more than 100 years, Marmite has joined up with the beloved Lisa's to create the perfect new dip to dive into summer with. The two kitchen staples have come together to create 'Lisa's Marmite Hummus' here to make you say "Yeah, nah" or "Nah, yeah".

Lisa's Marmite Hummus hits stores late September

Quintessentially Kiwi, it can't get more local than this. Using Lisa's original hummus as a base, you can taste notes of Marmite woven through the pot, with a slightly more savoury flavour than ordinary hummus.

Like any other Lisa's hummus, it uses the same high-quality ingredients including chickpeas, garlic, tahini, and a squeeze of lemon juice, with the added bonus of Marmite-y goodness mixed in. It's the perfect dip for pretzels, carrot sticks, or crackers, or slathered on a toasted bagel or chip sandwich at the beach. We personally can't wait to add it to the grazing platter on a sunny afternoon.

Yeah, nah or Nah, yeah? There's only way one to settle it.

Don't knock it 'til you try it! Lisa's Marmite Hummus is available in supermarkets nationwide late September, with a few shelves stocked up right now. Head out to get your hands on a bit of Kiwiana and let us know your thoughts!

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