You Can Now Enjoy Mexico On The Go

By Grace Noles
Fried chicken takeaway box from Mexico

Aucklanders love their Mexican food, and there's one chain in particular that gets us excited for a food fiesta. Kiwi legends, Mexico, are taking to the sky this year with a brand new takeaway feature for you to enjoy their fried chicken and changing tacos on the go. The takeaway menu has almost everything on their in-store menu so you won't miss out of any of your favourites, including their stuffed jalapenos, soft shell tacos, croquetas, sharing plates, and desserts. Add on two of Mexico's infamous sodas and call it a date! Take your Mexico spread to the beach for a summer picnic, or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home cuddled up for a Netflix session. Rest assured, Mexico are doing their part with all takeaway packaging coming in eco-friendly materials. Available at all of Mexico's New Zealand locations, they have your next takeaway night sorted!

Enjoy a beach picnic with Mexico

(Photo source: Mexico Food & Liquor)

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